Before Sign Up

What is RedSquare?

RedSquare is an e-commerce platform that allow you to have your very own e-commerce store, the easy way! This is your first step to make your entrepreneurship dream come true.

What is RedSquare business model?

Our business model is subscription-based. Our e-commerce system is packaged into various type of plans. You may choose and sign up from our plans offered. See our plans & pricing.

I have no idea which plan suits me, can you recommend?

Sure! If you are a rookie/amateur in e-commerce, we strongly recommend you sign up to the Lite Plan. If you have some e-commerce experience, then we strongly recommend you sign up to the Pro Plan.

If you have experienced online selling before or would like to expand your current blogshop / Facebook shop, we encourage you to sign up with our PRO Plan. PRO Plan is the best value among all plans.

Can I upgrade my plan at anytime?

Yes, of course you can!

Do I have to pay the difference for the upgrade?

Yes. We would pro-rate the price for the plan you have upgraded and you have to pay only the differences.

Can I downgrade my plan at anytime?

Of course you can! However, we do not refund the plan price difference.

Can I cancel my plan at anytime?

Yes, of course you can!

Do I get any refund when I downgrade/cancel my plan?

We are truly sorry that we do not provide any refund for either or both transactions.

Do you charge any extra percentage for every transaction?

NOT AT ALL! There are no hidden charges for any plan you have signed up for. You only pay the price we have published.

What type of payment do you accept for the plan sign up?

We accept online credit card, Malaysia Internet Banking (for major local banks) and manual payment such as cheque or manual bank in.

Is there any setup fee?

Absolutely NOT! We do not charge any setup fee for all plans.

Are there any other hidden charges?

Absolutely NOT! There are no hidden charges for any plan that you have signed up. You only pay the price we have published. We practise honest pricing policy.

How would I be billed?

You would be billed annually. Every plan’s billing cycle is annually. E.g. If you signed up on 26 June 2014, your next billing will be 25 June 2015.

After Signed Up

How long does it take for my e-commerce account to be ready?

Your online store will be ready in no more than 30 minutes (after payment made).

What should I expect and receive after I have signed up?

After you have successfully signed up and made payment, you will receive a sign up confirmation email. You will receive another successful account setup email after your online store has been setup (no more than 1 hour).

I am not familiar with your e-commerce system, how should I go about using it?

There is a "Getting Started" guide to assist you. You may refer to the “Successful account setup email” for the link to the Getting Started page. Besides that, we also have a knowledge-based resource page to support you.

Do I have to install any software in my computer for my e-commerce store to run?

No, you don't need to install any software whatsoever. All software needed is done via the Internet. You only require modern Internet browsers such as Google Chrome / Safari / Firefox and an Internet connection.

About The Online Store

Can I self-update the product to the inventory?

Yes, you can. RedSquare comes with a very user-friendly admin control panel for all our customers to self-add/update their products to the inventory.

How many products can I sell?

Every RedSquare plan have different number of product limitation. Please refer to the Plan Details.

How many images/photos per product can I upload?

You can upload max up to 6 images/photos per product.

Is your online store search-engine friendly?

Yes, RedSquare is search engine friendly.

Do I need an IT person to run the online store?

RedSquare is user-friendly system. So, we don't think that you need any IT person to run your online store. However, this is purely up to the customer's preference.

Can I have my own Internet domain name?

Yes. We encourage you to build your own brand. Our LITE Plan and PRO Plan offer free Internet domain name (Top Level Domain only) upon sign up.

Is RedSquare include email account?

We are truly sorry that we do not provide any email account services for any of our plan. However, if you need the email account services, we can recommend you to our associate partners.

Does RedSquare include online hosting?

Yes. We are providing you a hassle-free e-commerce system. This is hosted-software. All the plans are inclusive of the online hosting.

Can I host the online store by myself?

We are truly sorry that we do not allow 3rd parties hosting other than our own managed server. This is because it would facilitate us on the maintenance and support work. We would like to give the best maintenance and support to our customers.

Does it support multiple languages?

Currently we are supporting only English language. However, there will be more languages will be coming in the near future.

Does it support multiple currencies?

Currently we are supporting only Ringgit Malaysia (RM). However, there will be more currencies will be coming in the near future.

How do I know if there is an incoming sales order?

You can check from the online store admin control panel. On top of that, you will be notified by email and our mobile push notification (you need to download our Dashboard Mobile Apps via Apple Apps Store/Google Play Store).

Does it include store design?

Mostly yes. We include the beautifully designed template for every plan signed up (Promotional period only). See our awesome store designs

How secure is my data and customer information in your server?

All our servers is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256 bit encrypted. We will try all our effort and level best to protect all our customer data and information.

Custom Store Design

Can I have my own online store design?

Sure, why not. You may customise your online store theme/design as you wish. However, we do not provide any custom store design service. We can recommend you to our associate web design partners. A separate custom design charges may apply.

Who should I look for if I want a custom online store design?

We have a list of great web designers that we can recommend to you.

Does the plan include custom store design?

We are truly sorry that all plans pricing doesn’t include custom store design. All the custom store design fee is subjected to our associated web designer quotation.

I would like my friend to design for me, how do I go about it?

We have no objection for you to engage your friend to design for you. However, all custom designs will have to follow our RedSquare Custom Design Guideline. Please contact us for further information.

Online Payment Gateway

What payment mode can the online store accept?

The online store can accepts credit cards (Visa & MasterCard), Malaysia Internet Banking & UnionPay. Currently we have pre-integrated with revPAY Payment Gateway. You will have to register the payment gateway account seperately. (Subjected to the payment gateway approval).

Does the online store support offline payment?

No. We try to give our merchant a piece of mind from managing offline payment management.

Technical Support

What type of support channel do you provide?

Currently we have email and live chat support for all our customers. However, we will not stopping here. We will keep looking for better channels to provide the better technical support.

What is your email support turn-around time?

Our email support turn-around time is very much depending on the urgency of the problem. Normally we will reply your request within max of 48 hours. We will keep improving our turn around time from time to time.

If you still have any questions, please contact us. We are pleased to assist you.

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