Product Inventory

Your inventory can be managed entirely with a few clicks of a button. You can simply add or remove any products that you no longer offer to avoid customer confusion. Stocks can be easily adjusted and replenished to allow control over sales and avoid disappointment. You are also able to allow customers to purchase products even if the inventory level is zero. Product level quantity can be easily tracked too to see what sells fast and what doesn’t.

Product Collection

Products can be grouped into appropriate categories to allow your customers to easily find what they are looking for as well as browse for similar products on your store. This in turn allows you to market products more effectively through general or specific store collections that direct the user to what they want.

Multiple Product Options

A variety of product options such as product colour, material and size can be added to suit your customers’ needs and to ensure you are not limited to what products you offer. This works especially well for businesses in the fashion industry who offer clothing with multiple product options. You can have a max of three product options and can customise them to suit you and certify you make the most out of your business.

Multiple Images Per Product

Product images can really catch the eye of the customer and showcase what your product is. Potential buyers like to see what they are buying so it’s important to show them what you offer. You can apply a maximum of six images per product and even assign images to individual product options making your store even more tailored to the individual.


Order Management

Manage your orders easily with a simple breakdown of each one including: order information, payment and fulfilment. All items in the orders received are grouped together so that viewing them can be simple and time efficient, with the option of printing out individual orders too if you ever need it in that format.

Dynamic Payment Notification Sending

Payment Notification content can be customised to make notifications to customers more personal and improve the customer-business relationship which develops loyalty and shows that you care.

Real Time Successful Order Notification

You can be notified by email every time an order has been successfully paid, on top of this you can receive push notifications through the dashboard on our mobile app. This means you can track successful orders outside of the office and on the go to ensure shipping the order is smooth and quick.

Unsuccessful Order Recovery

If an order is unsuccessful and you no longer care about it then sales will be lost. With our unsuccessful order recovery feature, you can tackle any orders with failed payment easily by requesting payment from the customer again with just a click to ensure neither the sale nor customer is lost due to an unfortunate error.


Flexible Shipping Method

Shipping fees can be flexible to suit your business needs. You can also choose between a weight-based or price-based method to fit in with your business model.

Storefront Pick-up Option

Some of your customers may be very local and because of this you can offer in store pickups to avoid unnecessary shipping hassle when it is much more convenient to collect. Therefore it is a great and viable option for those customers local to you or perhaps would rather travel to pick up the item than pay shipping. You can manage all of this from our simple management system.

Dynamic Fulfillment Notification Sending

Customers can easily track their order, by receiving notifications on when the product has been shipped, estimated delivery or when it is ready for store collection. This is a simple and easy way to notify your customers and avoid any complications of missed fulfilment, making the process smooth and increase customer trust. The fulfilment notifications that are sent out to your customers can be tailored to the target market to help improve their buying experience.

Flexible Receipient Country Shipping Tax

This feature allows you to add recipient country shipping tax accordingly to ensure your business profits aren’t compromised when selling goods or services to customers in other countries.

Shopping Cart

Automatic Shipping Fee Calculation

Manually calculating shipping fees take time and effort with an increased chance of error. With this feature you can have shipping fees automatically calculated and added to the total order.

Mobile Optimised Frontend

All Storefeet stores are optimised to make them suitable for both tablets and mobiles. This allows your customers to access your site from their mobile or tablet and purchase your product or service directly from there.

Simple Single Page Checkout

Consolidating all requirements for a successful checkout in one page makes it easier for your customer and much more user friendly. With no hassle of having to navigate between pages, amendments can be made quickly allowing for a smoother sale and giving the customer a positive experience. This in turn encourages them to come back to your store.


Discount Code

You have the opportunity to give out personalised offers to both new and previous customers with discount codes. This increases customer retention as well as giving potential new customers a further incentive to purchase from your store. Discounts are flexible for you and you can enable or disable when necessary.

Search Engine Friendly

Potential and current customers can easily search for your store and your products via all search engines including Googles, Bing, Yahoo, Ask to name a few. You also have the opportunity to use search engine optimisation so that your store has better search engine results ranking for all to see, making it easy for your customers to find and increases the amount of traffic on your store.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is a great marketing tool to engage with a wider audience and gain new customers. Every product is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and more to help market your product or service to as many people as possible on a variety of platforms.


Accept Credit Card Payment

You have the ability to accept credit card payments which are also pre-integrated with revpay online payment gateways so that there is a diverse number of payment options available to your customer, tailoring to their requirements so that they have no issues paying. Separate registration for all the payment gateways will be required.

Manual Payment

Not everyone is comfortable with using a credit card or making an online bank transfer and we understand that. That’s why we allow offline transactions such as cheque or manual bank in so that all your customers are comfortable with purchasing products.

Accept Direct Debit (Malaysia Banks Only)

You as a business can also accept local bank transfers as a form of payment if credit card payment isn’t viable. The service is provided by a 3rd party payment gateway such as revpay and a separate registration will be required.


Customer Management

You can identify guests and registered customers at a simple click of a button. You can view all of your customer info including all guests too, so that you could potentially add them to a mailing list to direct marketing towards them. You can also manage the customer’s account to ensure trading is smooth and hassle free.

Customer Purchase History

You are able to check customer purchase history, this in turn aids you in getting to know your consumer more effectively and understand what they like and tend to buy. From there you can target marketing based around similar products and direct it towards them to encourage further purchases.


Order Reports

Obtain daily, weekly and even monthly order reports on all orders made, as well as a payment collection report, allowing you to chase non-completed sales to avoid further delay. This feature report can be used in conjunction with your accounting, tallying up all completed payments made on a daily basis, allowing you to keep an eye on earnings. Clear daily, weekly and monthly order and payment reports are presented in easy to read charts and graphs that present the data even by the hour enabling you to keep tabs on all customers and orders.

Product Reports

You can check out what’s trending on your store and see how many times a product is viewed as well as how many people have purchased it. This means you can adjust stock accordingly due to having a better estimate in stock replenishment and ensures you sell as much as possible and do not keep customers waiting for a specific product to come back in stock.

Customer Reports

You can check information on both guest and registered customers such as what they bought, total orders and total spending. You are also able to view the top spending customers as well as the ones that make the most orders too. This ultimately means that you can get to know your customer and direct specific marketing to each individual.

Integrated with Google Analytics

To truly enhance your reports for the store, we have pre-integrated your store with Google Analytics. This will assist in making your marketing truly unique by giving you a better understanding of your customers and target audience that you may not already have. Google Analytics can monitor your store traffic in huge detail accurately to allow you to make adjustments where necessary.

Web Content

Unlimited Web Pages

You are not limited to the amount of content you can publish. This means you can add important pages such as contact us, about, store location and links to your blogs to name a few. You are also able to publish text, images and embedded content such as maps or YouTube videos to make your store truly dynamic. The management system is simple and easy to use so that you can efficiently add and remove pages where necessary.

Unlimited Blogging

Blogging is an ever popular marketing tool for business owners because it is a form of affordable advertising that can better explain your product or service and develop trust between you and your customer. You are not limited to the amount of blogging you can do, whether it’s one blog a day or even 100, you have the flexibility to choose.

Store Design

Store Design Templates

You want a store that is eye catching and user friendly, making it memorable to customers and encouraging them to continue to come back. That’s why we have a lot of awesome store design templates for you to choose from when you sign up. All of our store design templates are produced from scratch with our customer requirements in mind.

Custom Store Design

You can have a custom store design to suit your wants and needs. Whilst it will be subjected to our requirements, you still have the freedom to customise your store to how you want and tailor it so that your business may grow and succeed. All custom designs are subjected to additional charges and StoreFeet’s store design requirements.


Stable Hosting

Your store is hosted in the USA at one of the most trusted and reliable names in hosting in the World. Therefore you can have peace of mind that your store will run smoothly 24/7.

Better Transactional Email Deliverability

Emails will be a very important form of communication within your business. It is important that all emails are received directly to your customer’s inbox. That’s why we are using Amazon Web Services to ensure you get the best email deliverability performance.

Unlimited Bandwidth

As your business grows, you will experience more and more traffic on your store which ultimately uses higher band-width. With us, you are entitled to unlimited bandwidth and therefore do not have to worry about increased traffic.

Mobile Apps

Dashboard Mobile Apps

A downloadable mobile app, which is dedicated to improving your business and is available for iOS and android, allows you to monitor all sales whether you are on the go or just out of the office. You can also check all orders as well as manage them to maximise productivity and not feel restricted to the computer. Push notifications are also available once payment has successfully been received

After Sales Support

24/7 Email Support

We offer you customer support via email 24/7. If you ever have a problem with your store or any of the features on it then we are on hand to help whenever you need in order to let your business flourish. We aim to provide the best after sales care and support to ensure our customers are happy and that their business becomes a success.

Plain English User Guide

Some technical guides contain a lot of jargon that many users just cannot get their heads around. That’s why we have created a simple and plain English user guide so that you can understand the inner workings of your store.

Live Chat Support

Sometimes as a customer you require more immediate support for problems that you want addressing as soon as possible so that your business can continue to run smoothly. If emails are not immediate enough then we offer live chat support where you can talk to a professional that can help with your query.

Knowledge-Based Resource

Improvement is continuous and never ending. That’s why to help you get the most out of your business and ensure it is a success, we have offered educational resources to give you the edge on competitors as well as helping you get started with online selling. We have also prepared a knowledge based resource to help better prepare you for any difficulties you may face.

Video Tutorial Guide

Video tutorials can sometimes be understood better than written guides and it is important for us to cover all bases. For complicated explanations and step by step guides, we have provided video tutorials to make sure everything is understood crystal clear by you.

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