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Macbook and Mobile

What makes RedSquare the website to choose when wanting to sell online? Well our business focuses purely on selling and nothing else. We feel that many businesses try to offer too many options and as a result the quality of their product diminishes. Here at RedSquare, we want to make your experience the best possible quality it can be and that is why we purely focus on trying to make your selling experience top notch. We also find that many businesses overcomplicate things or simply do not offer enough features to make online selling easier. RedSquare has over 40 features just for you so that you can set up your own store, not only easily, but exactly the way you want it. See the features.


Macbook and Mobile

Conventionally starting up an e-commerce business takes time and effort at a much higher cost also. You have to find a web developer who may not work at the rate you want them to due to demand. The website would have to go under development and user testing whilst you would have to communicate regularly with the developer in order that they create something you want. This all takes time which could be better spent actually selling your product or service. With RedSquare all you have to do is sign up to our plan; wait for a max of three days for us to deliver you your store and then you can start selling! Simple as that! You have the control in customisation of your store to make the most out of it. Call us now!

Simple & Honest Pricing

Macbook and Mobile

Here at RedSquare, we don’t like to complicate you with pricing and cause grief as a result. We much prefer to keep pricing simple so that you understand what you’re paying for and how much as well. There are no complicated procedures with us and the pricing is straight forward with no hidden charges, honest pricing and service. Pricing is also scalable to the size of your business so you only pay for what you need. Plus unlike some other businesses that offer ecommerce start-ups we do not take any sales percentages, the profits are all yours! What more could you want? See our plans & pricing.

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